“My stay here at Riverwood was really good, from what I went through. How I got treated here was really great. The staff are a good bunch of people! It made me feel good that all staff members I saw was always smiling and nice! A lot of people like Jaycee, Radhika, Jon, Mildred and the therapy team are the ones who helped me a lot and I REALLY APPRECIATE how each individual helped and cared for me. THE FOOD WAS WONDERFUL! If it wasn’t a skilled nursing, it would be a five star restaurant facility. Absolutely loved it!”

– Richard O. –

“Riverwood took good care of my mother so that’s why I chose it .I was really impressed with the amount of concern everyone had for me. I was also really impressed with the therapy team, they were all very positive and helped me a lot!”

– Glenna B. –


“This facility treated my father very well! He normally would not eat anything in the world but when he came to Riverwood he ate more than anywhere else! The service here was EXCELLENT, and we were really happy with everything.”

– Barnhart W. –

“My stay here was EXCELLENT! I really came to terms with things and found out a lot about myself being here and my mind is clear and set. The food here was informative, it helped me heal inside. The therapy team was EXCELLENT. Although it was a short stay I couldn’t have come this far without them! I would definitely come back to Riverwood. The staff here is extremely conscientious, they really do care and are filled with much concern. I was actually becoming spoiled here, I never had so much care in my life! I would rate Riverwood a 5 without a doubt!”

– Martin L. –

“I stayed for two weeks at Riverwood and it was good, no problems with anyone. My roommate is now my friend! The therapy team was great, I improved a lot just to walk again. No complaints at all because it was great here! I rate Riverwood a 5! Without a doubt I would come back!”

– Jose P. –

“I am doing much better than how I was before! The rehab department was very EXCELLENT, just great!”

– Linda S. –

“My stay here at Riverwood was quiet fine, VERY nice people & nice CNA’s. The therapy team were great, I really liked them. I would definitely come back!”

– Alice H. –

“My stay here at Riverwood was VERY good! Therapy, CNA’s, and the food was VERY good too! No problems here and I would love to come back!”

– Ronald F. –

“When I first came here I was very Baffled, and when I woke up and realized where I was, I was very much okay. I came from Villa Marche but my stay here at Riverwood was VERY pleasant! The activities here were just wonderful! One of the days they brought cats from the shelter and I absolutely loved that because I am an animal lover!”

– Terry W. –

November 24, 2014

After a very difficult Knee replacement, I came from Dameron Hospital virtually helpless, unable to stand up or even move well enough to use a toilet or commode. My first impression of Riverwood was that the head physical therapist stayed way too late to be here when I arrived that evening, just to reassure me.

            In all my lifetime of medical misadventures, I’d never needed anything between hospital and home, and I had grave misgivings about what such a facility could offer me.

            From the very first hour I was made to feel at ease and cared for, body and spirit. The positive and caring atmosphere permeates the facility, from the laundry girls and housekeepers all the way up to the administrator. I was treated with dignity and respect at my most helpless. I was urged and encouraged to do the work to improve, but it was always with a positive attitude that made me believe that I could succeed. Everyone was empathetic to the effort and the pain, and supported me emotionally and medically.

            I had only been in Riverwood a few days when I realized that this facility was so special that I will not only return for rehab after my second knee, but I intend to return to do volunteer work with the patients. I would recommend this facility highly. You will find the body/spirit care that is so essential to a good outcome.”

– Robin A. –